Insulated slide out covers attach to the slideout on the sides AND the top. Minimize heat loss and cold air drafts with the newest product to the HardKor Outdoors lineup! This wrap set includes two sides, and a top to cover the three crucial sides of the slideout on your fish house!

The color option below is for the house color matching strike plates so the magnets blend in if you choose to use colored magnets instead.


We use rare earth magnets because buttons, snaps, clasps, and spring loaded turnbuckles all break in the frigid Minnesota weather. Don't be caught in the cold with broken snaps, use mother nature against herself and use the natural properties of magnets to keep your castle warm.


See the color samples above to see the color options for the magnet strike plate. The strike plate attaches permenantly to the wheel house with adhesive (included) and blends into the surface you are attaching to. Please specify what color strike plate you need in the options below.


Remember, INSULATED covers keep the drafts out....and keep the warm IN. Cut down on your propane usage and buy HardKor products today!

Insulated Slide Out Wrap