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Cedar Tongue and Groove Ceilings


Now taking appointments! Message us online or send us an email at

Minnesota Custom Castles will be offering full tongue and groove cedar ceiling additions to further customize your ice fishing experience. 

Prices are listed below and are subject to change.

Timeline for completion:

6.5 foot wide houses (up to 16 feet) - 1 WEEK+

8 Foot wide houses:

8'x16' and 8'x17' houses - 1.5 Weeks

8'x18, 8'x21', 8'x22' houses - 2 Weeks

8'x24', 8'x26' houses - 2 Weeks

8'x28', 8'x30', 8'x32' houses - 2.5 to 3 Weeks.

Send us a message on Facebook, by filling out the info box at the bottom of this page, or by clicking the tab your screen that says "Let's Chat!" to send us an email to pick a date.


For this service, we accept cash, PayPal, and most major credit cards! Checks are not allowed for this service.

All prices below are for cedar tongue and groove ceiling installation and are subject to MN State Sales Tax, Hutchinson City Sales Tax, and the new McLeod County Sales Tax (Total of 7.825%).

6.5'x8' House

6.5'x10' House


6.5'x12' House


6.5'x14' House

6.5'x16' House


8'x16' House


8'x17' House 


8'x18' House

8'x21' House 


8'x22' House 


8'x24' House


8'x26' House


8'x28' House


8'x30' House


8'x32' House



**Deposit of $300 applies to schedule appointment**

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